Monday, March 19, 2012

Lily's Friday Prediction 03/16/2012 Entry - Courting Death

Courting Death

Singing echoed through the darkened museum.  A scarlet trail; like breadcrumbs.

My heart is withered in my chest
My soul curdled sour
That’s the way I like it best
For my true love to devour.

Give me not a cherub fool
To whisper saccharine sweet
No, his face, a shadowed pool
Alabaster gaunt; I worship at his feet.

For none but him that never asks,
But with a scythe to rip
The love I willingly give.

Near the dying guard Mademoiselle Marhand sits blood-soaked hands and ancient eyed, waiting; cursed. Nevermore to touch her lover, sensing him near she weeps.

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